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Our Mission

St. John remains committed to continuing our unique Anglican/Episcopal witness to the Gospel in our community. The Holy Eucharist has been and will continue to be celebrated everySunday we have a supply priest.  The remaining Sundays we have morning prayer with reflection conducted by a member of the vestry. We are dedicated to providing ministries throughout our community, such as our Family Night, Christmas for the kids, support of local charities and more. It is our mission to preach the love of God through Christ and to make Him known to the world around us in our words and in our deeds.

Parish Events



Christmas for the Kids! Another outstanding year not only for the kids but adults as well.  We obtain information about needy families directly from Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services.  We know that these parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles long to have some joy brought into their lives and some stress removed by knowing that the kids whose care they are entrusted with will still have a wonderful holiday.


This year we were blessed with the community of elves in this county who were able to donate money or gifts for 83 children and 44 adults. Each person had as many of their needs fulfilled (coats, warm clothing, shoes, bedding, even cleaning supplies) as we could possibly afford.  Fun items, like a bicycle, skateboard, sewing machine, numerous fishing poles, dolls, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, board games, books, pajamas, coffee pots, and much more were given to them to enjoy.  Each family receives a basket of food and homemade cookies from other elves.


A group of elves came in the last week and wrapped every gift.  They also packaged them in bags for delivery. Some even brought their own wrapping paper (we use a lot). The caseworkers are the lucky ones. They hop in their “sleighs” full of gifts and drive to people’s homes. They marvel at the generosity and creativity of the donors. People greet them with tears, smiles, laughs and a huge amount of gratitude.  Keep watching this website to see photos of some of the elves and thank you notes from families.

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Rada Cutlery Fundraising features 100% Made in the USA kitchen products – kitchen knives, utensils, gift sets (also cookbooks, stoneware, soy wax candles and quick mixes). The church will make a 40% profit on the sales.

You will need the following information to give St. John in the Wilderness the credit for the sale.
Order Number: 50434
Password: barb4105 (must be all lower case)


The labyrinth is a tool that gives shape to meditation and prayer. Its winding path purposefully knocks the rational mind “off balance” and allows the heart to focus beyond the distractions of this busy world. In religious settings, the labyrinth has been revived as a spiritual tool. It has a wide appeal, inviting us to travel inward and then outward, to open ourselves to new possibilities, to cast off and take up new ways of thinking and being.

Several months ago, one of our church members suggested that it would be interesting to find out about the people memorialized by our stained glass windows. We thought this might be a good time to find out about these pioneers as well as other interesting items relating to our very historic church.

Service Time: 9:30am

Address:13 South Church Street
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Officiates For Coming Sundays

January 11

Father Charles Henery

January 18

Morning Prayer

January 25

Father Jim Kaestner

February 1

Morning Prayer

February 8

Father Charles Henery

February 15

Morning Prayer

February 22

Father Jim Kaestner

March 1

Father John Crist

March 8

Father Charles Henery

March 15

Morning Prayer

March 22
Palm Sunday

Father Jim Kaestner

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